Pyramind delivers results. Thanks to our search style and commitment to client satisfaction, we boast a 95% placement and retention rate. Most of the candidates we place go on to achieve notable success in their new organizations. For example, since placing dozens of mid-and senior-level executives at a Fortune 100 consumer goods company, many of them have been promoted repeatedly. One serves as president of a major division and several are divisional vice presidents.
A close look at Pyramind
reveals a targeted
approach and commitment
to results that stand out in
today’s environment.
Focusing on relationships
and client satisfaction,
ensures that integrity,
professionalism and
are a part
of every engagement.
Pyramind bases every recruitment exercise on thorough,
original research and evaluation. We get to know companies,
their industries and the fine points of their open positions,
and we use this detailed intelligence to find qualified
talent. Because of this in-depth evaluation process and our
understanding of today’s corporate cultures, we only present
highly qualified, “best match” candidates for clients’
Client Focused

Expert Advice


The Pyramind Approach. Pyramind’s success is based on a comprehensive
approach to the search process, which includes developing position
descriptions, research, candidate generation, evaluation and
candidate presentation.
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